Ideas for a 6yos Birthday Party

3084me, Jul 30, 3:18am
lil Miss is having her 6th b'day party in a few weeks, I was trying to get away with just doing loads of finger foods for all . . so far we have decided on doing ::

Mini Spring Rolls
Bacon and Egg slice
Coloured Pop Corn
Chips n Dip
Fairy Bread
Sausage Rolls
Pikelets with fairy sprinkles
Cup Cakes

But I cant think of what else to do arghhhh

Any ideas please --- there will be about 10(ish) children and goodness knows how many adults --- but as I said before Im trying to just do finger foods to make it less stressful lol

eastie3, Jul 30, 3:41am
That looks like plenty of choice to me, and just like the food I had at my kids parties back in the day - some things never change !

By the time you add the birthday cake they will be full and happy.

tarshlove, Jul 30, 4:23am
fruit Kebab's, Fairy bread is quicker if you don't want to bake the pikelets

hezwez, Jul 30, 5:05am
My six year old (years ago! ) loved green. Everything was green and a great favourite were "pus tubes"... brandy snaps with green whipped cream. The more gross the better for the little boys, it seemed.

3084me, Jul 30, 5:27am
LOL ohh thats cute --- unfortunatley our party is for our girly daughter and her friends ---- I think she only has one boy comming, who would probably love the green pus tube hehehe --- I can just imagine the look on the faces of all the other little girls though lmao

tinawal, Jul 30, 7:22am
Lollycake always a hit and lollies! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

duckmoon, Jul 30, 7:37am
I do the "less is more" menu...

Fairybread, cherrios with tom sauce, popcorn... and serve the cake at the same time (having sung happy b'day before serving the food).

If I am feeling kind, I make a jelly in a plastic cup... Maybe serve with a roll of ice cream.

darlingmole, Dec 10, 4:40pm
hot chips ... you can't go wrong if served with sauce (or AIOLI these days if they're flash little kids use to cafe society! ! )