I need 7, quick and easy healthy dinners....

filofax1, Jul 29, 9:13am
We normally eat Roast Chicken, Spag bolle, Roast beef, steak, Shepards Pie, Crock pot soup or stew , sausages, lots of veggies and takeout one a week... . Any suggestions as to how I can mix up the kids dinners with easy nice to eat recipes... Note... ONE IS GLUTEN FREE... . TIA... .

herself, Jul 29, 10:31am
Stir fry meat and veg, use plain beef schnitzel or chicken thighs. Sweet and sour pork/chicken - whatever you like, served on rice. Homemade wedges and fish/sausages/mince patties - whatever, with lots of sauce! Just have to check that the sauce is gluten free. Savoury mince - can add loads of veg into this and served on mashed potatoes - good old comfort food!

red2, Dec 9, 7:06am
for some more ideas have a look at the healthy food guide website - recipes for gluten free too