Healthy eating and calrories

jackdanielqueen, Jul 26, 10:47pm
what foods to eat healhty and what carloies do we need to cut down on too lost weight

lavender32, Jul 26, 11:02pm
When I go on a diet I just cut out all fats & sugars. Eat vegies, fruit lean meat whole grain breads etc.

lavender32, Jul 26, 11:03pm
I good site for calorie counting is au

lavender32, Jul 26, 11:04pm
Oops that's calorieking not colorieking lol

bedazzledjewels, Jul 26, 11:12pm
Poster #1, perhaps you might like to take this discussion over to the Health forum. Just a thought!

red2, Dec 3, 7:59am
have a look here or subscribe to their magazine Healthy Food Guide