Leftovers for tea. What shall I bulk it out with?

bisloy, Jul 26, 4:34am
Leftover roasties with sour cream and sundried tomato dip. Leftover baked snapper. Super thick bacon and split pea soup (pretty solid in the fridge! ). Need something else to bulk it out.

What do you think?

toadfish, Jul 26, 5:37am
Probably too late... Scones or toast or brreadrolls to go with the soup?

Maybe some coleslaw to go with the snapper & potatoes... if not enough potatoes... maybe cook up few more... Sounds like a bitsa tea to me. . I would serve it all up and put the toaster on the bench for the troops that are still hungry at the end.

bisloy, Dec 1, 11:15pm
yep, got some bread out. just lost the inspiration. Thanks for your help