Stirfry sauces

96subbie, Jul 24, 9:22pm
anyone have any yummy sauces to use with veges? ? TIA

ferita, Jul 24, 9:40pm
Oyster sauce out of the bottle is nice. There is vegetarian versions of it if its for vegetarians, if not just normal oyster sauce is great.

You can make a simple sweet and sour sauce by mixing some tomato sauce with some pineapple juice and thickening it with some cornfour. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

bedazzledjewels, Jul 24, 9:47pm
Ferita's right - it's all about the sort of flavours you want. Sweet tastes or less so. And the types of veges you choose can help that too - peppers or chilli etc. Try using the search function over to your left 96subbie.

fisher, Nov 26, 5:58am
Try experimenting with these. .
Fish Sauce. . Soy Sauce. . Oyster Sauce. . Sambal Oelek. . Black Bean Sauce. . Worcestershire Sauce. . Hoisin Sauce. . Sesame Oil. . (use only a drop or two). . Fresh Ginger. . Fresh Garlic. . Mixed Herbs. . Garam Masala . . Lemongrass & Chilli . . Tuscan Seasoning. . Brown sugar. . Celery Salt. . Onion Salt. . Garlic Salt. . Garlic and Herb Salt. . Cumin seeds. . Chilli powder. . Curry Powder. . Five Spice. .