Gel food coloring

eclair_ht, Jul 24, 7:15am
does anyone know if this is different to liquid normal food coloring? My recipe says to use gel food coloring and Ive been to pak nd save, countdown, NW etc and cant find gel coloring? ! ! ! I saw writing gel but not gel coloring... . Help please and thanks! ! :)

horizons_, Jul 24, 7:25am
Should work the same. If moisture is a concern you can buy powdered food colouring from specialty shops. They also give a stronger colour.

blissful, Jul 24, 7:43am
Liquid food colouring found in supermarkets is water-based, which won't work with chocolate, and if using with fondant will make it too wet and sticky and cause it to break down quickly (although it's usually fine for icing-sugar / buttercream icings). Gel food colour adds colour without changing the consistency (same as the flavourings - the supermarket ones are water-based and have the same effect as above, but you can buy oil-based flavourings which are great when working with chocolate or fondant)Most specialist cake shops stock the gel colours and flavour oils or there's heaps of online shops - I buy a lot of products from - they're pretty quick with shipping but you may find something closer.

eclair_ht, Nov 25, 6:17pm
thanks! ! ! :)

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