Chicken Parmigiana

tarshlove, Jul 24, 1:49am
Does anyone have a fail safe recipe for this please TYIA

cookessentials, Jul 24, 2:53am
yes, at home though. I close at 3pm, so could try and hunt it out for you when I get home

tarshlove, Jul 24, 4:00am
Oh Awesome your a gem :o)

bluecalico, Jul 24, 9:00pm
egg and breadcrumb your chicken breasts... ... bake... ... . put some good quality pasta sauce in bottom of baking dish... . . lay chicken on top... ... submerge the chicken without completely covering it in sauce, then sprinkle over some grated cheese. I used Bertolli sauce, it was in a sachet... . . it was thick and very tasty as opposed to some of the thinner more watery ones.

tarshlove, Nov 25, 10:55am
Awesome thanks heaps :o)

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