Slow cooker meatballs, brown first or pop in raw??

sazrim, Jul 24, 1:34am
Brown em in frypan or put them into slow cooker raw? ? TIA

lilyfield, Jul 24, 1:57am
brown first, and why put in slow cooker? by the time that is hot- they are long done in frypan.

uli, Jul 24, 2:09am
I just use mince and form into small balls, then sit in the cold frypan as I do them. Then heat up the pan and turn them once - then they are done. No need for the slow cooker really.
I use them in vege soups, stews, tomato sauce, as snacks etc. I usually have a bowl full in the fridge.

sazrim, Jul 24, 2:35am
lol your replies made me laugh, I thought about it and I don't know why the slow cooker! thanks for your advice :)

dinkypinky, Jul 24, 8:55am
can someone please give me their favourite recipe for slow cooker meatballs? i have a medium sized oval slowcooker. many thanks

lilyfield, Jul 24, 9:32am
did you not read preceding posts?

harrislucinda, Jul 24, 9:46am
meatballswouldonly takeafewmintocooksodoing in aslowcookerforhrsthemightfallapartsonotworth it

uli, Jul 24, 9:47am
Alright then - you want a recipe - we have a recipe:

Slow cooker meatballs

Buy some mince and form into small balls.
Open a jar of tomato crockpot simmer sauce and pour into the crockpot.
Place the raw meatballs into the cold tomato sauce and switch on crockpot - close lid and cook for 4 to 6 hours.
Top with chopped parsley and serve over rice or pasta.
I would eat a green salad with it.

sazrim, Nov 24, 8:49pm
I just made them as suggested by uli formed into balls and placed in cold frypan once they all in I turned it on, browned on both sides and biffed in a tin of pasta sauce over the top and we all ate it with spag. And choc cake for dessert thanks to rowlfs recipe yum :)

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