Roast Beef

datoofairy, Jul 23, 10:58pm
I have been given aroast beef and want to cook it for dinner tomorrow night. I have never done a roast beef before so need some help please.
It weighs 1. 4kgs, how long do I cook it for and at what temperature? Its a rolled roast, if that makes any difference. Do I use an oven bag or not? Should I add any particular seasonings or herbs? I dont want to go overboard on the added flavourings, I want it to be just a basic roast beef.
The roast is part of a huge lot of home kill beef we were given, and if the rest of the beef we have eaten so far is anything to go by, it should be very tender and delicious.
Thanks :o)

margyr, Jul 23, 11:03pm
hi, i would use an oven bag and perhaps just chuck an onion it with it for some flavour, cook at around 150cooking time depends on how you like it, rare or well done, I would put it in an oven bag and then put vege in roasting dish with a little fat or oil, the vege take about an hour to be yum, I would cook the roast of beef for about 30 mins and then put in your vege.

buzzy110, Jul 24, 3:18am
I am presuming this is a rolled rib roast you have been given and not a rolled pot roast. They are two completely different foods. The first is for roasting and the second has to be cooked in liquid in a pot.

Just thought I'd put this in. Sorry I can't help you with a recipe. I cook all my roasts in my Easy Cook and I can no longer remember how to roast in an oven.

But basically it is a process. Salt and pepper your roast, add whatever flavourings you think you need, if any, put a sliced up onion in the bag if you want. Place your beef onto the onion, seal and put some holes in the bag to stop it bursting open, then roast in your oven. I'd cook it at 180C for 1:15 (depending on size) then check and cook for however much longer you think it will take to cook to your liking.

p. s. Easy Cook cooks really fast.

Use the stock in the bag to make your gravy/sauce.

datoofairy, Jul 24, 3:47am
How do I know the difference? Having roast beef is a very rare treat for us, I dont want to ruin it. Can you tell the difference by looking at it? This is the roast here:

http://images. jp

The cattle beast was processed by the local butchers, who bagged and labelled all the meat. This just simple labelled 'Roast'.

datoofairy, Jul 24, 5:27am
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margyr, Jul 24, 5:37am
I do my pot roasts in an oven bag also, but do add a tin of tomatoes, a carrot or 2 and an onion, and as buzzy said carefully pour the juices into a pot and thicken, yummy gravy. That looks like a roast of beef, at first glance I thought maybe a corned brisket but if the butcher has labeled it roast then it must be a roast.

buzzy110, Jul 24, 5:42am
If it says roast then it will be a rolled rib roast otherwise it will be called 'pot roast'.

datoofairy, Jul 24, 5:43am
So in an oven bag in the oven is the go then?
Thanks heaps :o)

rainrain1, Jul 24, 5:50am
It doesn't need to be in an oven bag at all

margyr, Jul 24, 5:56am
No it doesn't need to be in an oven bag, but it does keep it nice and moist, usually for the last 10 - 15 mins of cooking I take it out of the bag and let it cook with the vege. Also dont forget to let it rest for about 10 mins before carving. Enjoy! ! !

fisher, Jul 24, 5:57am
yup. . I agree with rainrain1... lay on top of a bed of sliced onions and rosemary sprigs with a little water... salt, pepper and olive oil all over the top with a sprinkling of fine chopped rosemary... when done, remove the rosemary sprigs and make a nice pan gravy with some flour, red wine and using a stick blender to mash up all onions. . taste test. . season and serve on the well rested roast... .

leicester2, Jul 24, 6:06am
Don't forget the Yorkshire pudding(s) to go with it :-)Enjoy!

pr1ncesswst, Jul 24, 8:05am
I don't use and oven bag for my roast beef, i just put a few slits in it place garlic in the slits, season and cook at around 150, till done.

margyr, Jul 25, 6:41am
So how was it? ? ? ? and how did you cook it in the end.

datoofairy, Jul 25, 6:45am
We didnt have it tonight after all. The guests that were going to come had a change of plans, so we are having it Tuesday night instead.
The roast was taken out of the freezer on Sat and put straight into the fridge, so I'm sure it will still be ok to eat on Tues... . . wont it? ?
Tonight we had schnitzel, from the same cow, that I crumbed and it was incredibly tender and delicious.

margyr, Nov 27, 10:01am
yep it will be fine, sounds like you got hold of some good beef. i got put off years ago buying in bulk like that by a tough one.