tajarn, Jul 22, 11:09pm
with those vermicelli type things lol thanx! ! !

hezwez, Jul 22, 11:25pm
tajarn if you type chop suey in the search bar on the left of this page, and scroll to an anytime search of recipes, you'll get the recipe you want. :-)

greerg, Jul 23, 12:47am
There is a good sounding recipe on the :How do I make Cook Islands Chow Mein" thread.

tullyann, Jul 23, 2:09am
Try the recipe on my cook island chow mein post . its yummmmy as
was spose to be chop suey but got a bit confussed, enjoy ! ! !
an thanks again to all who helped.
, ( oh an it tastes better the next day as well . )

fisher, Nov 21, 7:17pm
tullyann... yup dishes left have had time to infuse all the flavours...
Always taste better the next day

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