Where Can I Get a sweet corn cutter?

currie2, Feb 19, 4:30am
I have heaps of corn on my plants and want to take a lot off the cobs. I have googled and seen that there are gadgets available in USA. I don't really want one of the pineapple cutter design ones.

bex32, Feb 19, 4:37am
I have seen them in kitchen shops, they are called corn zippers or something like that!

bex32, Feb 19, 4:38am
Here you go
http://www.livingandgiving.co.nz/default. aspx? T=31&P=465

bex32, Feb 19, 4:39am
if that is what you meant! lol

cookessentials, Feb 19, 4:42am
yeah, same as ours at $35. 95 or you can get an Oxo Goodgrips which has a catcher for the kernels

currie2, Feb 19, 6:29am
Thanks folks.

korbo, Aug 21, 3:41pm
i saw them i am sure at ballantynes in chch... . at xmas time.

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