Levite - Are you there?

gildon, Jul 22, 3:16am
I just wanted to share with you that I have just completed the cake, following to the letter your excellent instructions and I am thrilled with it. There is one small dip in one of the sides but I got to the stage where I thought if I tried to do any more, I would probably end of spoiling the whole thing. It was much easier and quicker to do than I had imagined and I actually quite enjoyed doing it. Thank you once again for your very clear instructions. I bought a few icing flowers and leaves from a local shop and put them across one corner. Maybe next time I might have a go at making my own.

gildon, Jul 22, 11:47pm
... ... .

juliewn, Nov 22, 11:00am
Bumping for you. . and would you like to share photos of your cake here? ? . . :-)