Marinating Chicken - skinless or not??

karmae, Jul 21, 11:38pm
Quest from cook with very limit ability.
Was going to try recipe out of paper.
Says marinate chicken breasts with skin on for up to 12hours.
Does it matter if you use skinless? , what (apart from fat content) would be difference if used ones with skin on.
Marinade is lemon juice, olive oil, paprika & cumin.

Also marinade time will only be 4-5 hours, would that be long enough, it says maximum time but not minium.

marcs, Jul 22, 1:22am
It does not matter if with or without skin however without skin can make the chicken dry. Keep an eye on it and may be cook it 5 mins less. The reason it say marinate only for 4 - 5 hours is becuase the marinade contains lemon juice which is acidic and can cook the chicken. Between 2 - 4 hours should be plenty

karmae, Jul 22, 1:48am
Thanks. No they only said up to 12hrs. Its me thats only got the 4-5 hours. Lets hope supermarket has everything

peasandlove, Jul 22, 2:42am
yum, i make a chicken marinade with garlic, lemon, olive oil and cumin. . leave it as long as you can and it's delicious :)

karmae, Nov 18, 4:16pm
Its a Alison Holst one from the paper. Good to know its delicious.
Im going to leave it till next week now, get better prepared more time to marinate. will do pork chops instead tonight.

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