harlenfamily, Jul 21, 2:05pm
do u buy marzipan icing? if u do do u buy different colours or do u paint it?
if u cant buy it how do u make it?
can i use the icing used for xmas cakes on cup caks and paint it with food colouing?
i want to make pretty cup cakes!

cookessentials, Jul 21, 7:20pm
I have a recipe for it which is very easy. You say "icing" - do you mean the fondant or "Royal" icing? or the covering under the icing which is usually marzipan?

harlenfamily, Jul 22, 2:11am
i really dont no i thought that the pretty cp cakes with flowers and butterflies on them were just made from marzipan and then painted?

cookessentials, Jul 22, 2:36am
Hi there, you will find that the "cut-outs" which are placed on cupcakes etc are made from fondant. You can either purchase fondant or you can make your own. it can be painted, coloured and decorated quite easily. Fondant is also used for moulding figurines and the like for cakes and cupcakes etc.

harlenfamily, Jul 22, 3:40am
ok thankyou do u have the recipie for fondant?

cookessentials, Jul 22, 3:46am
Here is one from pam. delilah. you can also buy it pre-made.

1 egg white
2 tbs liquid glucose
500g icing (confectioner's sugar
1. Put egg white and liquid glucose in a bowl.

2. Sift the icing sugar into the bowl and mix together with a wooden spoon until the mixture binds together.

3. Form the paste into a ball with your fingers. If it is too soft and sticky, knead in extra icing sugar until is is firm but still pliable.

4. Knead the mixture on a work surface coated with icing sugar, until it is smooth and free from cracks.

5. If mixture is not to be used immediately, wrap tightly in cling film. If it dries out a few drops of boiling water can be kneaded into it, until it is once again soft and pliable.
Colouring can be kneaded in, one drop at a time, until the desired colour is obtained.

Applying the Fondant on Cakes

Rolling out fondant is the easy part; it's just applying it smoothly onto your cake that is the hard part! There are a few tricks that you can try for a smooth finish.
First of all, ice your cake with a nice quarter of an inch thick layer of butter cream icing. The icing will give the fondant a smooth foundation in which to work and allows for a bit of fondant leeway in the positioning process

Quotepam. delilah (516 )8:07 am, Fri 27 Nov #2

wildflower, Jul 22, 4:08am
Almond icing is like marzipan but marzipan contains ground almonds rather than just flavoured like almond icing tends to be.

harlenfamily, Jul 22, 4:32am
ok thats way to hard where do u buy it?

harlenfamily, Jul 22, 4:33am
or where dp u buy liquid glucose?

cookessentials, Jul 22, 5:16am
liquid glucose from supermarket and sometimes chemist.

greerg, Jul 23, 7:12am
Can knead food colouring into bought fondant and then mould or cut flowers etc. out with cutters.

punkinthefirst, Nov 23, 5:43pm
Also known as "corn syrup" - from a brewers supplies store.