marley, Jul 20, 1:07am
Would love a yummy icing recipe... . I think I would like Chocolate (if anyone knows a good one) but I will consider all icings! ! ! hahaha

245sam, Jul 20, 1:20am
Personally I enjoy banana cake without any icing but IMO suitable icings would be lemon icing, lemon-flavoured cream cheese icing, maybe coffee icing? ? , chocolate icing - if you have some cream and dark chocolate maybe you'd like to make chocolate ganache... . . 125g dark chocolate and ½ cup cream. :-))

marley, Jul 20, 1:27am
Yum... . Yeah I like my cake without icing too which why I dont really know of a good icing recipe but this cake is for my brother who loves icing... . and I realised I dont really know how to do a good icing for a banana cake! ! ! hahaha thanks

cucine, Jul 20, 1:35am
Yes, butter lemon icing in the edmonds book!

245sam, Jul 20, 1:47am
marley, try doing a search here on this Trademe MB using 'chocolate ganache' or 'chocolate icing' as the Keywords and 'Anytime' as the Date posted option - I recall that there have been various icings (chocolate ones in particular) posted at various times and you may find just THE icing that will appeal to your brother by doing that search. Lucky bro' having the cake made specially for him. :-))

greerg, Jul 20, 5:24am
I put a layer of raspberry jam under the chocolate icing between the layers of a banana cake recently by accident (senior moment = thought it was a chocolate cake) and my family have decided that that's the way it should always be now.

kaysu, Jul 20, 6:23am
Gotta be real lemon icing!

bunny51, Jul 20, 9:29am
I have put caramel (Or was it butterscotch) icing on a banana cake. (Can't remember why htough as I usually put chocoate icing on)

horizons_, Jul 20, 10:23pm
Rose is good too for something different. You can buy rose essence at the supermarket. Ganache is the best choc. icing inho.

martine5, Jul 21, 4:21am
The answer to your question I one pottle of sour cream and small'chunky' size chocolate bar. Break the bar into pieces and microwave until melted, stir in the pottle of sour cream and you have the yummiest icing you can imagine.

seniorbones, Jul 21, 6:40am
only ever lemon or cream cheese icing in this house. have tried others but been told to go back to either of the two.

naki45, Jul 21, 10:20pm
I use caramel icing
4oz brown sugar
4oz butter
4 TBSP milk
Boil together gently then cool.
Add 8oz Icing sugar and a few drops vanilla. beat Well.

kcak, Nov 18, 12:44pm
I use a plain butter icing and add freshly grated nutmeg. I put it on thick and 'rough' it up with a knife, forming small peaks, after which I dust the top with more grated nutmeg.

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