Problems with lemom meringue pie

hunter133, Jul 18, 9:05pm
I have made numerous pies over the years but the last two have been runny. The filling has been the right consistency when going in the shell but after putting the meringue on and cooking further it has been runny after it has cooled. I have no idea what im doing wrong, TIA

lilyfield, Jul 18, 9:17pm
neither have I - but to avoid this I always put a bit of coconut in my meringue. . mostly likely not cooked long enough or too little sugar.

weigh your egg whites plus twice the weight in sugar will set it.

pickles7, Jul 18, 9:35pm
wronge lemons. use Lisbon lemons, not Meyer

hunter133, Jul 18, 10:05pm
cheers will give that a go

hunter133, Jul 18, 10:08pm
but the lemon filling is a good consistency on putting in the shell

pickles7, Jul 18, 10:21pm
it has split on cooking . Better flavour, less juice by using the Lisbon lemons. It could be the cornflour as well.

hunter133, Jul 18, 10:43pm
if it has split on cooking why doesnt it split when i cook it in the pot before putting in shell

cefiro89, Jul 19, 3:18pm
could also be your baking time. i found that if cosistancy is right and meringue is also whiped to a stiff peak then should be right try cooking lil longer before adding it

davejillmc, Jul 25, 12:57am
This is my Mum's recipe for the Lemon Meringue if it helps. It never fails for her and I didn't use any special type of lemons when I made it.
For 8 inch Pie Dish:Mix in Saucepan:-
one cup, plus 2 tablespoons sugar
plus quarter cup of cornflour
Stir in gradually - one cup of water plus two tablespoons of water.
Cook over medium heat, STIRRING CONSTANTLY until the mixture thickens and boils (Jelly-like) and boil for one minute.
THEN - slowly stir at least half of boiled mixture into two already slightly beaten egg yolks in a separate heatproof bowl.
Mum has a note for me here to always put hot mix into egg yolk, and not the other way around.
Tip the blended mix from the heatproof bowl back into the remaining mix in the pot and boil another one minute, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and keep stirring until nice and smooth, making sure it doesn't catch on base of the pot.
Then - blend in two tablespoons of better and three tablespoons of lemon juice (stir in well). POUR INTO BAKED PIE SHELL and cover with your meringue mix which is:- two egg whitesand four tablespoons of sugar beaten until standing up on end. Bake in moderate oven - meringue does not take long to brown, so keep your eye on it.

juliewn, Jul 25, 7:28am
I always use Meyer lemons with excellent results. . and good flavour too. .

noonesgirl, Jul 25, 8:01am
I wouldn't care what the pie looked like, I'd still eat it. Yum my fav dessert.

theanimal1, Jul 25, 8:16am
Lemon Meringue Pie
Line dish with puff pastry, cook quickly until light brown. Filling: 21/2c water, 5 lemons, 3TBSPs cornflour, 11/2c sugar, 6 eggs, 1TBSP butter. Put water, sugar, butter, grated rind & juice of lemon into a saucepan. Bring to boil, thicken with 3TBSPs cornflour, & beaten egg yolks. Boil apporx 5 mins, allow to cool before filling the pastry case. Finally whip 6 egg wites till stiff, add 3TBSPs sugar & place on top. Return to oven to brown slightly.

i use custard powder not cornflour gives a richer yellow colour.

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