angie79, Jul 18, 8:53am
Hi all
I am having a dinner party and want to do individual salmon fillets. Any ideas on what to do with them ? Glazes ?


tiogapass, Jul 18, 9:29am
mix equla parts soy sauce and real maple syrup, brush/pour on the fillets. Leave to soak for 30 mins then bake in a hot oven. The sauce makes a glaze whit is tasty but doesn't overpower the salmon.

245sam, Jul 18, 9:32am
angie79, I haven't made the sauce in the recipe on the following link but I have cooked salmon as per the recipe and it was lovely, nowdays we prefer salmon fillets simply grilled in our George Foreman (and usually we just have Prenzel's Citrus Vinaigrette with them):-

winnie231, Jul 18, 9:49am
Try these Salmon Parcels - they're very good, look impressive & are easy to prepare:

We used baking paper.

kate777, Nov 15, 2:13am
Seems a shame to put stuff on top of perfectly flavoured salmon.

Sear on a griddle, wrap in foil and bake until the rest of your dinner is done (no more that 15 mins) serve with a delicious hollandaise.