I need a recipe and ideas for christmas presents

pentax1, Jul 17, 9:50am
I have seen in the past Jars with ingredients layered in them and all you need to add is the liquid when you make them. I thought i could make some for friends/family etc does anyone have a recipe or know where i could get one... . .

amiri1, Jul 17, 10:04am
I just googled " recipes in a jar for gifts " and got so many I didn't know which one to post for you, so that might be your best bet! Good luck with that! I'm making body butters and lip balms for my friends and family this year! :)

cookessentials, Jul 17, 10:13am
the great Christmas thread has a heap

pentax1, Jul 17, 10:42am
i never thought to google it lol, i must not be thinking tonight. Thanks everyone.

elliehen, Jul 17, 10:43am
Several posters have cautioned against making herb infused oils and vinegars - because of the danger of botulism, I think. Someone might be able to be more precise.

pentax1, Jul 17, 11:25am
Thats alright elliehen i was only wanting powdered recipes anyway, i have lots of ideas from the link and thread now. Most of them you still need to add eggs, milk butter etc though. I know you can make them where all you have to add is water or milk, just can't find any yet lol.

candycane2, Nov 6, 5:47am
Wow! How do you make them? They sound amazing! !