Give me your best lamb shanks recipe

stormbaby, Jul 17, 7:59am
Youngest (who doesn't like recognisable meat! ) is away next Saturday so bought some lamb shanks and popped them in the freezer. I would like a really nice recipe. Have the crock pot, the dutch oven etc am wondering whether to do in the big black (Dutch oven) cast iron pot on the stove like my Mum used to do with rabbit etc.

jag5, Jul 17, 9:01am
I did some the other day in the oven, low, in a covered dish, can do in crock pot too, but mine were too big to fit.

I made up a brew of plum sauce, chilli, garlic, sugar, salt, pepper and water. Oh and rosemary too. Poured this over and left all day cooking slowly. Meat fell off the bone and was just wonderful. I poured the fat off the juices, and adjusted seasonings and thickened with cornflour and water. Serve shanks with mashed potato and lashings of the gray over it.

stormbaby, Jul 17, 10:41am
Yum, sounds wonderful. Any more people?

naki45, Jul 18, 3:24am
Someone on here shared their recipe for me a while back, it had barley in it... . can't remember exactly hopefully they are around. It was quite nice and the kids loved it.
Otherwise the only way we have had them (so far! ) is roasted and had with roast or mashed spud and veges, smothered in gravy and mint sauce lol

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