Fontina cheese?

cap, Jul 16, 9:19am
Could someone please tell me if you can buy this cheese here or a similar type of cheese? I'm thinking of making Ina Garten's Chive Risotto Cakes
cakes-recipe/index.html and it calls for rather a lot of Fontina cheese and even if I can buy it I am scared of the cost! Thanks.

cookessentials, Jul 16, 9:29am
You could try La Bella Italia in Petone- they have a great deli/cheese section and import alot of produce from Italy. They are in Nevis Street, opposite the large NZ Post building. They are open on the weekends.

cap, Jul 16, 9:40am
Thanks. Might check it out or find a cheaper recipe!

cookessentials, Jul 16, 9:47am
If you cannot get it from La Bella Italia, you can try online at Mediterranean Foods

coach2, Jul 16, 9:53am
There are 2 far better places to get cheese inPetone than La Bella. One is OnTrays in Frederick St. A fantastic shop that sells the most amazing range of food, herbs, drink, chesse etc, etc and the other is the Dutch shop that has a fantastic collection of cheese. They are in Jackson St. Please try these shops before you go to LaBella. It will be well worth your time.

floralsun, Jul 16, 11:37am
Moore Wilson's in Tory Street have a good range of cheese too.

cap, Jul 17, 8:58am
Thanks. I did have a look at my local supermarket today just on the off chance but no luck. I think I will first try them using some normal cheese and see what that is like anyway.

accroul, Nov 6, 11:11am
Emmental, Gruyere or Provalone are supposed to be substitutes for Fontina