tedddybear, Jul 16, 12:59am
i am looking for some bread recipes for my breadmaker please

gingeralenz, Jul 16, 1:10am
whats a really good breadmaker around in stores these days?

ballito, Jul 16, 1:20am
Panasonic is by far the best brand on the market.

tedddybear, Jul 16, 1:22am
We have a Sonya one, that we brought about 10 yrs ago and still going strong. i don't use it all the time but have decided to bring it out again.
Sorry i don't know what breadmakers are in shops these days

gingeralenz, Jul 16, 1:48am
can you still buy panasonic? not interested in secondhand machines.

holz22, Jul 16, 1:53am php? 3, 85402, 85433, quo
te=1 I use the first recipe in here. Nice plain white loaf :)

gingeralenz, Jul 16, 1:54am
wow just checked there website apparently so.

gingeralenz, Oct 30, 9:03pm
anyone made anything like vogels or burgen bread?

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