Lipton Iced Tea, powdered form

stormbaby, Jul 15, 10:54am
I used to buy this from Binn Inn in Brighton but they don't have it anymore. Its in a packet and a really economical way to buy it. Has anyone seen it anywhere else in Christchurch? Its a bit expensive to buy it by the bottle. Failing that I would like to try and match the recipe by making some home made iced tea. The Lipton stuff is lovely.

elliehen, Jul 15, 11:21am
In the US many people make iced tea simply by making a pot of their favourite brew, pouring it hot from the teapot over ice cubes and adding a slice of lemon.

elliehen, Jul 15, 11:31am
From TMCooks :)

stormbaby, Oct 30, 4:00pm
Thanks for that. I made some with some tea bags I found up in the cupboard last night and its ok, BUT I have already learned that the secret is in the good old tea making, i. e. going back to how we used to make it, in a tea pot with tea leaves! !