Strawbeey jam and mould

korbo, Feb 18, 9:04am
my strawberry jam in one jar, which i have kept in the fridge, has gone mouldy. didnt think it would in the fridge. beginning to wonder if when buying strawberries that the places keep them in the cooler, therefore they get wet... does anyone understand what i mean... . and thats why it is going mouldy. it was about 4 weeks ago i made it... apricot has gone mouldy too. I boil for required time, and test in fridge to setting point.

anne1955, Feb 18, 9:25am
Hi Korbo I had a couple of jars of jams that did this recently and they didn't go into the fridge. . I picked off the mould below around etc. . reboilded the jam and repotted it... I think at least for me the jam covers on some for a reason I don't know sweated... and droppped water into/onto jam hence the mould... . not a problem I have had before only this year... working when it's too hot haha only had about two too hot days here in ChCh and was jam making on them... hope this helps :) Anne

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