Can i use marg instead of butter when making choc

ava_kiana, Jul 14, 7:51am
self saucing pudding? will it still taste nice? ? i forgot butter again! ! !

ferita, Jul 14, 8:02am
shouldnt be a problem

winnie231, Jul 14, 8:13am
I wouldn't do it ... but then I'm one of those fussy gits who can taste the difference ;)
My choice would be to google for a choc self saucing pud recipe that uses oil. Not quite the same as the original with butter but better in my books than marg :)

reese, Jul 15, 4:16am
i use it. . as i hate butter. . never had a problem

nzbadger, Oct 29, 6:12am
Yep I do all the time.

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