Sweet Chilli Sauce

celosia, Jan 21, 10:39am
is this easy and cheap to make or better purchased from the supermarket. If anyone has a successful recipe I'd be keen to try making it. Thank you.

245sam, Jan 21, 11:03am
celosia, I haven't tried making Sweet Chilli Sauce myself but here's the link to a variety of Sweet Chilli Sauce recipes:

Hope that helps. :-))

greerg, Jan 21, 9:42pm
The large bottles in the Asian food section of the supermarket are much cheaper than the smaller bottles near thetomato sauce. Not sure that making would stack up price-wise againstthem although usually I'm all for home-made versions of things.

jag5, Jan 22, 2:35am
This is the one I make


40 Chillies (yes I know seems a lot - can cut back if you want)
2 large cooking apples (or can of precooked)
3 cloves of garlic
Process all of the above in whiz
Add 1 tbspn plain salt
21/2lbs sugar
750mls of malt vinegar
Simmer all these for 25 minutes to ½ hour
Add 1 ltr can of tomato sauce.
Simmer another ½ hour
Bottle and cap when cold.

Hubby loves it (so do I but in smaller quantities)

jag5, Jul 15, 10:07am
celosia... . . have you got this recipe. Love the name, one of my favourite plants

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