mber2, Jul 12, 12:40am
anyone out there have got a recipe for steak & kumera casserole please. i did have a quick look on recipes but nothing there at all, anyone could help me will be very much appreciated

sleyle, Jul 12, 12:47am
Google is good - here's one:

blt10, Jul 12, 12:54am
Looks a good simple dish, will try it too. Thanks for sharing

fisher, Jul 12, 1:04am
I reckon this would work...
Casserole Rump Steak with Kumara and Mushrooms. :
Preheat oven to 200 c
Lay a bed of sliced onions in a casserole dish and cut the rump steak into serving sized pieces and place on top. . Cover with sliced par boiled kumura and sliced mushrooms. . Salt and white pepper. . and a herb if you want. .
Add a tin or two of mushrooms in butter sauce. Cover with foil and bake 200c for an hour or cook at lower temp for longer period...
The steak will be tender with a lovely sauce for the meat and your other side green vegetables.

mber2, Jul 12, 1:08am
Thanks alot for the recipes

pickles7, Jul 12, 1:45am
Why not use gravy beef in the slow cooker, yummmmmy. Turn on the slow cooker add a pkt of Maggi ; soup in a cup, any flavour, add a cup of water.
Now, browncut up gravy beef along with a sliced onion, carrot rings, a stick of celery, pop all that into the slow cooker add chunks of kumera and [potato, if you wish] . Turn it down to low and leave well alone for 7 hours. When you come home from bowls or golf, your dinner will be ready. I used gravy beef the other day coz the dog wouldn't eat it, [she eats a better cut of beef] It was so nice , after the long slow cooking. . no fat on it , I didn't cut anything off the meat, it was so tender and tasty.

pericles, Oct 27, 2:54am
another bump for steemy