grape wine recipie please

jocook1, Feb 18, 5:36am
okies I have the kit and a vine full of grapes. . a bit tarty so i guess would be good to make wine out of them.
has anyone got a recipie for making home made wine out of grapes.
my guru girlfriend said that she had heard you dont need sugar or yeast but has made every other type except grape...

thanks :)

uli, Aug 19, 8:44am
You can indeed just squash the grapes and let them ferment - however I personally would go to the trouble of juicing them (to get out as much as possible) and then I would be checking sugar content with a refractometer (something like this one here:
l/Electrical-equipment/Other/auction-271636335.htm) and adding sugar if needed - you said they were tart - otherwise you might not get much alcohol content in the finished product.

I would also add a pure strain wine yeast (from a brewery shop) rather than rely on the naturally occuring yeasts on the grapes - and a bit of food for the yeast.

Then close the lid, add the bubbler and let it do its thing.
Good luck!

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