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cookessentials, Sep 8, 9:27pm
Morning all, hope you in the SI are managing at least SOME sleep. Thoughts are with you all. We have people in Kaiapoi that did not fear too well, it must be heart breaking.

winnie231, Sep 8, 9:39pm
Morning everyone,
we've had a better sleep here. Only awake a few times instead of half the night.
Nerves still pretty frayed though.
Can't speak highly enough of Bob Parker & the team working tirelessly to hold our city together.
Going to go have a look at my apartment soon - it's not raining so hopefully the chimneys can be cleared today & the damage assessed.
Part of me would like to be able to go home but I'm also scared to be alone & upstairs if we start shaking again.
Have a good day all. Kia kaha xxx

cookessentials, Sep 8, 9:57pm!/photo.php?pid=30979071&id=1012696809&ref=fbx_album&fbid=1420654629033

Not sure if this will work...but found this chap in the street in Melbourne City - he was so fascinating to watch. The movements were so so slow, people were poking him to see if he was real!

juliewn, Sep 9, 2:00am
Hi Everyone.. thinking of you all there in the Canterbury area.. sending good thoughts and strength..

You'll have seen Tixy posting in 'Recipes' at times.. I've got an email back from her - their home is just 3 km from the epicentre, and has a lot of damage.. they're living elsewhere.Keep strong Tracy..

We had damage in the Edgecumbe earthquake - not a comparison at all with what is happening there for you all.. apart from through Red Cross, I wish I could be of help in someway..

Hugs.. heartfelt hugs..

juliewn, Sep 9, 2:09am
Pam.. I just saw your post of the Magical Orange Cake recipe - smiley_cherub first shared that here in 'Recipes'..

I just thought.. she's in Christchurch too.. her feedback page shows she hasn't been in Trademe for a while.. does anyone know how she is?? I really hope all is well for her there..

cookessentials, Sep 9, 2:33am
Hi Julie, no I have not seen her in here for a while. Hopefully she is not another of those scared off by the "tone" of the place LOL. Please let us know that she is ok if you hear back from her.

charlieb2, Sep 9, 3:13am
Hi Everyone... Hope smiley_cherub is ok!

We've just had the council engineers around.. wow, they have got on to everything SO quickly.Its very impressive.

Our house is 'habitable', but we will have a fair old amount of work done in due course.The fate of our garage is unknown....Master 11 is not allowed to return to his bedroom to sleep until the neighbours chimney is removed. (not that he's slept there yet!).

Its been lovely to have a 'quieter' day... (hope those arent famous last words!!) I've actually only felt one aftershock and it was a 'jolt'.

Hope everyone is ok... and having a good day, whatever you are doing!

winnie231, Sep 9, 7:31am
Quite a jolt an hour ago ... and I burst into tears!
We start to relax .... which makes the tension & stress swing all the greater. I want to crawl into a cave and sleep for a week.
But then I see what folks in Kaiapoi are going through & my worries pale in comparison :(

cookessentials, Sep 9, 7:40am
Rae, the offer is still there.

charlieb2, Sep 9, 7:45am
Hang in there winnie.. I had my 'day' like that 2 days ago...Its hard settle.Cant believe its been nearly a week since it hit.

Poor old Mrcharlieb is running on 'empty'.His week was supposed to end last Sat.With Sunday and Monday off. Instead, by this Saturday he'll have done nearly 2 weeks straight....His business is 'hazardous' and you can see how stressed he is....

charlieb2, Jul 8, 7:15am
Sign in, sign in! ! ! Tell us all about yourself! !

Recipes was the first place I started posting when I found the TM Community. Have made a few cyber friends and a few RL friends! ! There's always been lots of great advice here in Recipes... not just Food related.

I think there is such a broad range of people who post in Recipes, in age and lifestyle, that its a great place to poll opinions.

Thanks for all the advice and friendship over the past 5 years. I do hope it will continue to be a great place to visit and see 'old friends'.

toadfish, Jul 8, 7:23am
*Waves at Charlieb*I'm in I'm in.

This was where I started too, the companionship was invaluable and the cyber and real life friends have been an asset in my life. I don't venture onto the other subjects as I feel at home here.

I have found many a great recipe, made lots of great freinds (and some special ones as well)
I don't venture on here nearly as much as I used to... I have entered a new phase ofmy life which I am loving.

Had a fabulous day out with my girls today, started with looking around AUT... then had the most devine caramel slice and coffee... just for energy... then went to AU to look around... then had the most devine creamy pasta & lemonata at Archies in Newmarket... lots of laughs and a special day with my girls.

I live by that famous line from Bambi... made by thumper I think... . .

If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all.

cookessentials, Jul 8, 7:25am
Hi charlieb2- yes, me too and that was back in 2004 for me as brianmac. I am what some would call a "foodie" and I really enjoy cooking and sharing recipes as well as giving and receiving advice. I too have met one or two of the lovely posters here and it is always lovely to put a face to the name. Looking forward to some of our old regulars "tuning in"

charlieb2, Jul 8, 7:26am
*Holds hands with Toadie and starts singing Kumbya till our friends arrive*

ETA: *waves to cooks... I remember you as brianmac. . and remember when you were getting married! ! *

toadfish, Jul 8, 7:27am
Kumbya... . . You just had hubby ask what I was laughing out loud about... . Yes lets do... . lets reclaim recipes... .

charlieb2, Jul 8, 7:29am
Ok. . well carry on... I'll be back after Coro. . to bump... .

rog.e, Jul 8, 7:30am
Signing in.

I never found the messageboatd for the 1st 12 months I was a member of TM lol.
Then I was too afraid to post because my daughter told me nessageboards are scary places to hang about lol. Oh my goodness they can be. Yes - but I really feel at home in Recipes. Fits me like and old shoe.

I am amazed by the depth of peoples knowledge on here. I love to see a new-to-the-topicperson in here saying they are just beginning to cook meals and treats, and asking for ideas.

There is a lot to like.


cookessentials, Jul 8, 7:33am
time flies doesn't it? That was back Nov 2006. I met toady when we met up at "Phatmitches" (our lovely Michelle) who sadly died a couple of years ago now along with taffsgirl- we all met up at Michelles place which was just great.

alewis, Jul 8, 7:39am
*** Waves to those singing ***

I think alot of us have missed our postings on this message board, which is quite a shame, it has been the bit of company in a day etc
people move on and new people start up and if we are like minded it can be a lovely place to be.

winnie231, Jul 8, 7:47am
This is why I came here 5 years ago:

"Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got.
Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot.

Wouldn't you like to get away?

Sometimes you want to go

Where everybody knows your name,
and they're always glad you came.
You wanna be where you can see,
our troubles are all the same
You wanna be where everybody knows
Your name.

You wanna go where people know,
people are all the same,
You wanna go where everybody knows
your name. "

ruby19, Jul 8, 7:50am
Ienjoy the recipes shared, and helpul advice, given, and hope that sometimes some help is given in return

nfh1, Jul 8, 7:55am
I am one very grateful questioner on Recipes - I have received so much help and advice, no matter how stupid my questions!

So cheers to everyone!

charlieb2, Jul 8, 7:57am
Nice one winnie... ... .

cookessentials, Jul 8, 8:02am
NEVER a stupid question on recipes.

fisher, Jul 8, 8:11am
oks I'll bite lol:}member 632. . gawd I feel old hahahaha...
been here since day one, yup used totalk to Sam in the real time chat room back in 99 when he started it... yes there was a chat room when the site was free and no fees were paid. . should have bought shares. . seen all the changes and recipes never existedfor many years and were posted in a general forum... was one of the 6 hated moderators on the newer message boards a few years back. .
Tried to do what was best for trademe as fairly as possible. .
Just interested in recipes really and some nice interaction with friends made here either cyber and in real life. . all the infighting is garbage, unnecessary and folks should just get on with it like it used to be... Seems some like to infight, take over and dominate when it really isn't necessary. . We all disappear when our comps are turned off. . Just like to help where I can, and try to turn folks onto herbs more to enhance dishes...
Should mention I also have learnt a lot of tips and tricks, recipes here that have turned some mundane dishes into acceptable ones... .

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