Whats for Dinner at your house tonight?

vintagekitty, Jul 8, 4:37am
Inspiration needed- Last night I took out 2 chickens to roast, left them out all night and day and its so cold here, that they are still frozen!

carriebradshaw, Jul 8, 4:40am
We are having fresh pasta with pesto and chicken.

vintagekitty, Jul 8, 4:49am
mmm, yes pasta sounds nice

dorothy_vdh, Jul 8, 4:52am
shepherds pie with baked pumpkin and broccoli

anden16, Jul 8, 4:54am
Crispy wrapped bacon loaf with mashed potatoes, brussels, carrots. After- home made apple pie and cream Been baking all afternoon- freezer now full.

antoniab, Jul 8, 4:55am
Steak with carrot and mushroom loaf - will pop up to the vege garden for some greens too.

cookessentials, Jul 8, 4:58am
I don't have a clue! - have had visiotrs for the last few days, so feel very un-inspired. Might throw together a fritatta or something easy or maybe a risotto.

earthangel4, Jul 8, 5:02am
lamb shanks, with mashed potatoes, corn, peas and pumpkin

vintagekitty, Jul 8, 5:10am
everybody is having lovely dinners- except cookessentials!

rkcroft, Jul 8, 5:15am
nothing in our house. We are going dinner free.

vintagekitty, Jul 8, 5:17am
hey good idea, better still we could go out for dinner and leave the children home with 2 minute noodles- haha

rainrain1, Jul 8, 5:58am
Roast mutton, gravy, and 3 veg and mint jelly for him... . Jenny Craig for me... how cruel is that! !

lizab, Jul 8, 6:16am
meatloaf (I asked hubby what he wanted for dinner yesterday and that was the request! ), potato bake, peas and I've got a steamed syrup pudding clacking away on the stove top! !

fifie, Jul 8, 6:57am
crispy chicken pieces, carrots leeks, white sauce and apple and cinnamon shortcake with icecream. .

kabbo, Jul 8, 7:03am
cottage pie and peas.
mince made with onions, curry powder and a tin of spaghetti.
topped with mash potato and cheese.

alewis, Oct 9, 9:18pm
my son has just had jaw surgery so light bulb moment with rice rissotto, thought that would slide down have cut up the chicken really small, hubby will just have to deal with it not being in big chunks, made a pile of mashed potatoe and thats been going down a treat I blended some roast chicken the other night and brok and peas were soft enough, its quite a challenge getting soft food and variety.