Elmo cupcakes

chrisynz, Jul 8, 2:28am
a while ago a trader posted pics of elmo cupcakes she madefor her childs birthday, I thought they were cool and are going to make some for my grand daughters first birthday. . how do i make red icing and what is a nice icing to make thats yummy. .

marlene39, Jul 9, 10:19am
could do just a normal icing recipe, icing sugar, boiling water and butter with red food colouring, red sprinkles for elmos fuffly look and for orange nose kool fruits maybe or orange icing and the smile you could use sheets of black licorice and cut out smile or black icing and for eyes make a batch of white icing and a batch of black. do a big white dot and a smaller black dot on top

seb28, Jul 9, 10:29am
Just a tip... . . When it comes to the red food colouring. . don't buy the run of the mill hansell's or Queens colouring from the supermarket as it's only going to turn the icing a pink/hot pink colour. . although, you might want pink! ! But if you want a true red, buy a gel colourant or a powder from a cake shop.

chrisynz, Jul 9, 10:39am
ok ty... i want a true red... dont think u can get just red sprinkles

skippy33, Jul 10, 9:07am
my stepdaughter made some a while ago. it could have been her.
she said it was red food colouring and coconut in the mixture. she said there was quite a bit of coconut so try that.