I so miss my oven!!!

ruby19, Jul 7, 6:17am
My ever so unreliable smeg oven has died yet again! ! and I can`t get anyone to fix it until well into next week, well thats if there are parts... . . I so obviously use my oven with out even thinking about it. So far we have had mexican mince/ beans, spag bol / tomato sauceover spagetti with garlic pita toasted in sandwich press. I know I can do risotto but our fav is roast pumpkin. Will have to try and do a crockpot meal for tomorrow, well for the meat eaters at least.

pericles, Jul 7, 9:30pm
Just got mine fixed ... ... . $250 , later

ruby19, Jul 8, 5:59am
Pericles I am probably thinking at least that, I know the element has gone again, 3rd one! But this time the oven has completely stopped working.

pericles, Jul 8, 9:10pm
mine had a top element, and the one in the oven replaced

lx4000, Jul 8, 9:27pm
I Love my bench top oven! ! Was well worth getting:)

Have you got an electric frying pan? You can do roast veg and all in one:)


carbon_trader, Jul 9, 8:47am

Get rid of the tin can pile of crap...

worst ever cooking appliance. . unreliable and back up service is crap

dumbass383, Oct 13, 7:59am
roasties in a covered roasting dish on the barbie... ... ... blardy tasty. .

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