pericles, Jul 6, 11:11pm
I'm in love! !
Son bought me a set of Wusthof Classic knives, they are fabulous

indy95, Jul 6, 11:41pm
Lucky you, pericles !

cookessentials, Jul 6, 11:47pm
Lovely Knives. Look after them and you will have them a lifetime and beyond.

pericles, Jul 7, 12:03am
little rat bag must have spent a fortune.
all up , there must be 10 knives, steel, and 2 cleavers.
He does know his knives, he is a butcher

cookessentials, Jul 7, 12:58am
yep, it will have set him back a bit, but WELL worth it. i did the same for my Mum and Son when I got them Heckel knives and they love them.

antoniab, Jul 7, 1:18am
Yeah same here cookessentials, I bought my Mum a Henckels knife block last year for Christmas - she loves them!
We have Henckels knives too but bought them in London direct from Europe over the net - much cheaper.

arkle16, Jul 21, 9:35am
Yep I just got a set of Wusthof knives which I have wanted for many years. Got them at the House of Knives sale. Forged ones.
RRP $1100. 00. On sale for $495. 00. Really pleased with them.

lilyfield, Jul 21, 9:58am
I have had mine for over 50 years, ever since my apprenticeship.

the most favorite one is about 2cm shorter by now, but still going strong.

cookessentials, Jul 21, 7:21pm
They will do, if looked after. If you are starting out a decent che'fs, slicing and paring knife will get you started.

lynja, Jul 21, 7:29pm
i am interested in this topic as i have a drawer full of odd (some very odd) knives and was thinking of getting a really good set. what sort of price for a set like the onesbeing discussed? when you say looking after your knives - what are some dos and don'ts in this. dishwasher? type of chopping board etc?

ferita, Jul 21, 7:42pm
For a good set of chef knives you are looking at around 600 to 800 or even more.

If you just want the basics you could probably get them second hand for 3 to 400 dollars.

Some good brands are:
Wusthof (trident)

Henckels (these are my favourite and I find they stay sharper then Wustof but that is my opinion)

Sabatier - these have softer steel blads making them razor sharp but it also means they need sharpening a lot more.

Global - Japanese but good knives

Misono - another japanese company but very good knives

There are other cheaper brands like Mundial which are reasonable for the home cook but I have found the quality to be lacking sometimes. I do have an awesome mundial chef knife though that was so cheap (20 dollars) and its razor sharp but it seems to get rusty so I prefer my other knives.

pericles, Jul 21, 8:57pm
dishwasher@@@ NEVER! ! !

ferita, Jul 21, 9:07pm
You will also want a good steel to sharpen them as well. There is a NZ company that makes great steels. I cant remember the name but they are big steels not those short stubby ones.

levintofu, Jul 21, 9:13pm
we have some Shun knives they are AWESOME! !
its a part American part Japanese company

and NEVER EVER put your good knives in the dishwasher!

cookessentials, Jul 22, 12:09am
Absolutely, never in the dish washer. I wash mine under hot running water and a little liquid, if needed and a brush. i hand dry and pop them back into their block. Not everyone likes a knife block, however, you can get a knife roll if you prefer it. There are some great knives available from the Henckel German knives, to Wusthoff and Global, Victorinox etc. I gave my sone a set of three Henckel knives - a large chef's knife, a slicing knife and a paring knife. He is 24 and looks after them. A sharp knife in the kitchen is far far safer than a blunt one and when you have a blunt knife, the chances of an accident are far greater because you put far more effort and pressure beind a blunt knife to make it cut and often people slip and cut themselves doing it this way. A knife should be sharpened at each use.

cookessentials, Jul 22, 12:19am
As far as a chopping board, wood is one of the best - a good end grain board if looked after will last you a very long time. Wood has natural antibacterial properties in it. Plastic boards and mats are fine, however, wood is still one of the best. Never cut on glass cutting boards, they damage your knife - I have one but use it for putting hot things on, never for cutting. When you are looking, get the best you can afford - layby them if needs be, you will not regret buying good quality.

greerg, Nov 19, 11:12am
Pam how do you you sharpen your knives. Husband oilstones them then does dramatic things with a steel but not always when I need a sharp knife. I have arthritis in my hands so using a steel could be a disaster - would using a knife sharpener really be a crime?

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