Help with NIP's on food

julie55, Jul 6, 12:02am
Is there someone in the community who has been through the process of getting NIP's (nutrition information panel) on food products? You may be a chef or work in a cafe that has developed retail products eg chutneys, dressings etc?

I just need some advice - if I actually need to do it (NZFSA guidelines indicate I don't but I don't want to get it wrong), where can I get help, how much does it cost etc.

I am in the early stages of a new market business in Wellington later this year and this area is really complex. Any help appreciated.

cookessentials, Oct 3, 5:52am
Hi Julie
Sorry, I cant help. have you thought about perhaps contacting people who make their own products for sale? There are a number of them in the Wairarapa, such as olive oil producers, lavender food products and the like. if you need any info on some people to perhaps contact, let me know.