rabbit casserole

puresteam, Jan 1, 9:47pm
hi has anyone got a recipe for rabbit please, I haven't made it for such a long time do you braise it or cook it very slow

beaker59, Jan 2, 1:10am
Brown it then slow cook but not too long treat it like mutton for toughness (if it is wild, lamb if it is farmed) and chicken for flavour and all will go well. Flavours I like to add are mushrooms sage bay and rosemary although thyme is nice too, onion garlic of course maybe other veg like parsnip and carrot. Some people simmer then just add the stripped meat I prefer pieces there are plenty of movies on youtube that show how to divide a rabbit. A highly underrated meat in this country which is a shame, hare is very nice too maybe even better.

davidt4, Jan 2, 1:16am
Would you like a Spanish recipe for a rabbit and vinegar casserole?

tika4me, Jan 2, 1:19am
agree with beaker59, but I use the slow cooker to cook rabbit.

lythande1, Jan 2, 2:36am
You can use any casserole type chicken recipe.
I like cream and mustard with it.

puresteam, Jan 2, 3:59am
Hi I found a spanish recipe in one of my old books so I will see how it will taste. many thanks. It is cooking slow in the oven now

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