Phyllo Pastry. I have a packet of phyllo pastry

susan21, Jul 2, 11:32pm
which I want to use, but has a "Use By date of 24 June. Does anyone know it it will still be OK, or should I get rid of it. Usually if items say "Best before" I will use them up to a week later, but what about "Use By"

susan21, Jul 2, 11:47pm
Forgot to mention, the packet is unopened.

maxi42, Jul 2, 11:58pm
open it. You'll be fine.

nfh1, Jul 3, 12:01am
I would not use anything after the 'Use By' date - just the thought that it may be off puts me off. Shame to go to a lot of work and the dish not taste good.

buzzy110, Jul 3, 12:09am
I would use things past their use by date but in the case of phyllo/filo pastry, which usually goes mouldy once it passes its use by date, I'd be more cautious. A visual and sniff check should tell you if it can be used. If you do decide to use it, cook it immediately. Don't pre-prepare and leave in the fridge till meal time before cooking.

susan21, Jul 3, 12:40am
OK thanks, I might get rid of it just in case.

chrisbarton, Sep 25, 5:59pm
It will be fine. If it gone off there will be mould peckles. If it is unopenend it will be fine you will not get sick from it

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