Help please!

jase320, Jul 2, 5:03am
I am making a recipe and it says this in it
"Combine sugar and water in pot. Stir constantly over heat till sugar dissolves, increase heat till it boils. Remove from heat and allow it to go completley cold"

BUT i got the times for tea wrong so need to cool this a. s. a. p. Question is can i put it in the fridge to help it cool quicker? ? ?

Thanks all (in advance)

2halls, Jul 2, 5:11am
Put it in the largest metal tin you have (ie a roasting tin) to increase the surface area, and either :sit it on a bed of ice in the laundry sink, or pop it in the fridge. It will cool in a jiffy like this :-)

beurrevaleur, Jul 2, 7:29am
or just sit the pot in the sink in some water

kaysu, Jul 2, 8:02am
Obviously too late but next time put outside for a short time. Works fine in Winter.

2halls, 2 days, 21 hours
Until a passing cat finds it ! ! He he :-)

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