Box of rice porridge?? - Help gluten-free bakers!

sarahj1, Jul 2, 4:06am
I was given a box of gluten-free rice porridge that I want to use up in baking somehow if poss. It says it contains rice flakes and dried fruit, so I'm thinking a muesli bar or slice of some kind? ? ?
Recipe doesn't have to be gluten-free but thought gf-ers would know how to use rice flakes in baking

cookessentials, Jul 2, 4:40am
What is the brand? sometimes, depending on the brand, you can Google them and they will have a website with recipes.

uli, Jul 4, 12:30am
I would give it to someone with chickens and ask if you can swap it for a dozen eggs - why try and "use up" something that won't do what you want it to?

lil_miss_haley, Jul 4, 12:45am
We got some of that at the gluten free show, and dp got it for his breakfast despite not being gluten free lol. I found it quite nice. We don't use it for baking though.

buzzy110, Jul 4, 12:58am
If you don't have any concerns with eating porridge in the morning, then why not just make porridge. I have used the Simple rice flake porridge when I have my gluten intolerant friend to stay and it is rather nice, if a bit on the sweet side (for me that is).

The porridge (as any porridge can) can be improved by cooking first in water, then adding milk and continuing to cook till it has the correct consistency. I used cream and that made it even nicer.

One more thing, this porridge, if made with milk or cream, tastes similar to rice pudding so you could have it as a dessert as well. Have it with fresh or tinned fruit.

sabbah1, Jul 4, 4:20am
be careful with it in baking - I tried a rice porridge in an apple crumble topping ( as a replacement for rolled oats) and it was terrible! Too crunchy - crack your teeth type of crunchy! So if you are using it for baking, make sure there is enough liquid for it to soak up.

2halls, Jul 4, 4:48am
I make a sort of rice 'torte' with rice flakes and dried fruit. I soak the fruit in apple juice overnight, the bring to the boil the next day and add the rice flakes and cook for 5 mins. Allow to cool, add a few eggs and then bake it in a round tin for about 30mins. I don't measure, I just do it by feel, but if you want me to guess, I'd say:2 cups of any dried fruit (chop if large like figs or prunes) and 2 cups of apple juice. Maybe 1 and 1/2 c of rice flakes and 3 large eggs (or 4 small). I keep this in the fridge once cooked and cut into small slivers to have with coffee, I personally really like it and consider it a pretty healthy snack item. You can add nuts too if you like. :-)

sarahj1, Jul 5, 9:16pm
Hmmm ... I'm liking the egg-swap idea... . made porridge with it, and it was pretty ick... hence the desire to use it up in baking! - but it sounds like it might be problematic. . thanks for the responses

earthangel4, Oct 9, 11:45am
ummm sounds very nice, going to give this one ago later on

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