jimness, Jul 1, 10:16pm
looking thru the dessert thread and you posted:
I did a nice dessert the other night done in individual pudding pots. You do them in your electric frypan in a water bath. I dont haave an electric frypan, so did mine in my stock pot - they take 20 mins on simmer and are a soft chocolate sponge pudding with a jam topping. the great thing is you can make them and store in fridge then heat in microwave. very easy and moreish.

care to share the recipe please - I make meals up for a friend to eat during the week, and this way they could have dessert too.

cookessentials, Jul 1, 10:28pm
sounds lovely - yes, if you would like to share, that would be great. Those little ones I do in the water bath are so easy and very tasty. My Mum used to do a similar one in a baking dish which has jam in the bottom, the chocolate spongecake on the top and then meringue but she cannot find the recipe - it was baked in the oven though, however, it had a similar consistency to the water bath puddings.

jimness, Jul 1, 10:30pm
lol... ... noo... ... . . you posted that, I was asking you for the recipelol.

Must be the sun affecting you today

cookessentials, Jul 1, 11:17pm
Ha ha, sorryI did wonder what you meant... more the lack of sun around here I think. I thought I had posted it there? ?

cookessentials, Jul 1, 11:19pm
I shall head to the desserts thread now and add it for you.

jimness, Jul 1, 11:31pm
yummy - thank youI shall add that to the list to make this weekend.

cookessentials, Jan 27, 10:16am
jimness, did you try those wee desserts? They are so quick and easy to do