What would you bake for...

samsara11, Jul 1, 6:54am
a club meeting to make money for visitors to a show. Something that is relatively inexpensive and is able to be sold to visitors but keeps well.

thuntzster, Jul 1, 7:03am
fudge cake

uli, Jul 1, 7:49am
"SOLD" to visitors? ? ?

melandshane, Jul 1, 7:57am

onlyondacoast, Jul 1, 8:09am
Chocolate Brownies, thick and sell for $3 a piece

samsara11, Jul 1, 8:53am
yes - people do visit shows and people who put the show on do sell stuff for funds.

samsara11, Jul 1, 9:02am
Thanks, that is a good idea

alebix, 5 days, 6 hours
muffins go well...

3 cookies in a bundle



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