Oat bran

lilady, Jul 1, 5:38am
Can anyone please tell me the difference between bran flakes and oat bran? My partner brought the wrong stuff so not sure what oat bran is used for and if I can still make bran muffins with it. Any help would be much appreciated.

lilady, Jul 1, 7:03am
Bump. Does anyone know?

pericles, Jul 1, 9:19pm
I use oat bran for muffins

uli, Jul 1, 9:23pm
Bran flakes can be made of wheat as well. Check the package it should tell you. I can't see why you couldn't use any sort for muffins.

cookessentials, Jul 1, 9:28pm
Oat bran is basically the outer husk of oats. Bran flakes ( if this is the one you mean) is bran cereal.

cookessentials, 5 days, 2 hours
there used to be a product called Vi-Bran which looks very similar to oat bran, apart from the colour - it was alot browner.

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