Chilli infused oil

niffer13, Jul 1, 4:04am
I have some lovely hot chilli can I infuse them in oil by soaking or heating?

cookessentials, Jul 1, 4:43am
Usually by putting one or two whole chillies into the bottle of oil. You do, however, have to be careful that they are very clean as they can go off.

jasongroves, Jul 1, 4:44am
Theres a few step by step guides on the web, eg;


jasongroves, Jul 1, 4:45am
Heres one with hot and cold infusion tips:

sighthound1, 6 days, 3 hours
Heating the chilies in the oil and then straining really really well makes a very nice oil. Cold infusion takes some time and will also require straining at the end. Do not leave any chili in the oil as it will go off.

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