Dessert needed to take out tonight

bisloy, Jul 1, 1:38am
Any ideas? For 6 kids and 4 adults - I don't have any lemons. Needs to be able to be eaten with ice cream.

cookessentials, Jul 1, 1:45am
We have a desserts thread.

bisloy, Jul 1, 2:40am
Nope, none of those. Want a change from choc pud.

melp6, Jul 1, 2:43am
Hmm-banoffie pie? Jelly!

bcnd, Jul 1, 3:16am
What about waffles?

bcnd, Jul 1, 3:16am
Golden Syrup Dumplings?

ruby19, Jul 1, 3:33am
A fruit crumble, a self saucing pud I would have said a lemon one but you have none, so what about oranges instead? Apple pie. Pear tarte Tatin

alewis, Jul 1, 3:38am
bread and butter pudding, self saucing chocolate, ginger cake with marshmellows on the top, spiced apple cake

cookessentials, Jul 1, 3:41am
there are more than choc desserts on there, or try the apple desserts thread that I also bumped for you.

bisloy, Jul 1, 3:45am
All sound lovely, though I have never had any luck with a bread and butter pudding. Thanks for your help. Ended up making a magic pie.

nfh1, Jul 1, 4:20am
Magic Pie - is that one with no calories?

alebix, Jul 1, 4:33am
How about buying some cheap meringues and crushing them up, mix with whipped creama dn fruit for Eton mess and serve with ice cream.

cookessentials, Jul 1, 4:39am
well done.

terraalba, 6 days, 10 hours
Lemon cheese (sometimes known as lemon delight and lemon meringue pie are okay with icecream.

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