Making a delicious soup this wknd

bo0tsey, Jul 1, 1:02am
And I’m gonna freeze it in portions to take to work next week! I’ve got a minestrone and a corn & bacon Kings soup mix. I’ll throw in some grated potato, pumpkin, kumara, carrot, zucchini and maybe a bit of broccoli and leek too. Any other suggestions?

Am planning to do it in the slow cooker so its as low maintenance as possible :D

winnie231, Jul 1, 1:56am
Onion & garlic are a must in this house ... and a large handful of chopped fresh herbs once cooked.
I would also use a bacon hock but then I don't use the kings premix stuff(I prefer plain, unflavoured soupmix) and the combination might be a bit over powering or salty.

pericles, Jul 1, 1:57am
as above plus, celery

bo0tsey, Jul 4, 8:54pm
I got given a soup bone to put in the soup, my grandma said to just put it in the pot with the other ingredients but my MIL said to boil it first, leave it overnight and then take the fat off the top. The bone doesn’t look like it has any fat on it so what do I do! ?

lindi4, Jul 4, 9:01pm
Cut as much fat off before you put it in the pot. You can usually see if it's too fatty or not by looking at it!

sugarandspicey, Sep 29, 6:51pm
I copied and pasted this recipe from a search of recipes for vegetable soup by TM member davidt4 - it sounds very very nice but what I need to know if anyone can help me is, can I leave the tomato out and still have an excellent flavour. I used to always use the packets of STOCKPOT soup mix but these have been discontinued or so it would seem and I hate the King Soup Mix the flavour is just awful so now I am going to try and make my soup from scratch. TIA

Finely chop an onion, a stick of celery, two cloves of garlic and cook gently in 30g butter for about 20 minutes until very soft and dry but not browned. Add two large ripe tomatoes finely chopped and cook 10 minutes over med heat until dry. This forms the flavour base. Then add 600 ml fresh chicken or beef stock, 1/2 tsp salt and a bay leaf, bring to a simmer and add 2 - 3 c. of diced veges - pumpkin, kumara and potato are a good combination - and simmer about 30 minutes until tender. Check seasoning, add finely chopped parsley or marjoram.

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