fresh fish your favourite way of cooking?

cloffie, Oct 4, 4:51am
either fried or steamed . . what do you coat it with or add to it?

gaspodetwd, Oct 4, 4:54am
fried (tempura batter) we are gluten free - so dry, coat in cornflour and then dip in eggwhite and fry. Yummy with peas.

redrustie, Oct 4, 5:00am
I love it steamed in foil with fresh herbs or pesto and dried/chopped tomatoes or garlic and herbs or just salt and peppar!

maggie62, Oct 4, 6:47am
Cornflakes Fish is nice rolled in flour then egg and finely crushed cornflakes instead of bread crumbs.
Flour, Salt and Lemon pepper, and dropped in a pan with a little butter

rose52, Oct 4, 8:53am
*** One of the best/quickest recipes I use for fish is to get a can of watties indian tomatoes, pour them over the fish and bake in the oven - delish! !

timturtle, Oct 4, 8:59am
nice microwaved, for a quick and healthy option just cover with handy towel, can add spices or just use a sauce after it is cooked

perthlot, Oct 4, 3:06pm
Nah this is the best! ! ! Pan fry in butter with lemon zest - if no lemons - then panfry in butter with lemon juice (from supemarket) or lemon pepper.


glenleigh, Oct 4, 7:46pm
coated with egg, flour and lemon pepper placed on baking paper in my electric frypan and fried! ! ! It is delicious and only have to throw the paper in the bin and wipe out the pan, back into the cupboard.

glenleigh, Oct 4, 7:48pm
Sorry sorry sorry, forgot the breadcrumbs. you have made me hungry now and think it will be fish for tea tonight as hubby is off to hospital for a few tests today. Starving at present, nothing for him tp eat till after 5pm tonight so the fish will go down nicely.

fifie, Oct 4, 10:22pm
Had this at Weekend Orange roughy fillets of fish, dusted in flour then dipped in beaten egg with seasoning and lemon pepper and coated in Panko breadcrumbs, cooked in a pan in oil. It was lovely and crispy, Ive never heard of or tried those crumbs before and don't usually eat a lot of fried food but these were yummy for a change.

motorbo, Oct 5, 12:07am
i like to either pan fry with Lemon zest, then take out and add a bit of butter/white wine and caperberries reduce for a min then pour over fish or I love making raw fish marinated in lemon juice drain add lemon zest/cucumber/tomatoes/ spring or red onions chopped/lotas fresh parsley chopped up, salt and pepper, coconut cream, chopped up red pepper …yum

cloffie, Oct 5, 1:50am
oh! thanks everyone so many great ideas

kate777, Oct 5, 2:20am
seasoned flour, beaten egg then dukkah.

Pan fried in hot oil and served with lemon.

beaker59, Jan 3, 1:35am
raw in coconut cream yummmmmmy

gummybear73, Jan 4, 5:34am
fresh snapper coated in marrocian seasoning mmm cant beat it

rainrain1, Jan 4, 5:44am
thumbs up for this way! ! !

510, Feb 15, 7:30am
Thanks for the idea, I adapted it slightly as I didn't want to useflour, just dipped it in egg then the dukkah, pan fried it in small amt butter & olive oil. Really, really scrumptious.

tomz, Feb 17, 10:12am
Another way is to place 3-4 fillets of Snapper or your favourite fish in a casserol dish. Chop half a medium onion or a small one fairly finely and place in a plastic bag. To this add curry powder to your taste (I use two tablespoons). Grate 3 cups of cheese and add two of them to the bag and shake till everything is well mixed. pour this over the fish and finally sprinkle the final cup cheese over the top. Place in oven that has been heated to 180 degrees and cook till the cheese is golden brown. This is so yummy but not good for those who need to watch what they eat.

cookessentials, Feb 17, 6:27pm
my favourite way is a simple flour egg and breadcrumb coating and lightly pan fried and served with fresh new baby potatoes and a crisp green salad.

tehenga288, Feb 18, 8:59am
panko crumbs for me - light & crisp or coated with a light dusting of seasoned flour (dried dill tips or finely chopped fresh dill & lemon pepper) & pan fried

amazing_grace, Feb 18, 6:30pm
I love deep fried. I make a batter with beer, water and plain flour. Dip in the fish and quickly deep fry till golden, a lovely puffy, fluffy battered fish is wonderful with homemade chips. I also love what the Thai people do, slit the fish all over and fry till crisp... serve with green chilli sauce...

waswoods, Feb 18, 9:02pm
Cut the fish up into pieces about 5cm x 5cm. Wash and dry well. Dip in a mixture of 2 tablespoons flour, 1 teaspoon garlic salt, 1 teaspoon cumin, 1 teaspoon oregano (but I've used mixed herbs), 1 teaspoon paprika. Fry in a minimal amount of oil

rainrain1, Aug 28, 10:14am
Coat in flour and pan fry both sides in a little half oil and butter.
Or egg, breadcrumb and bake in oven

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