fisher, Jun 30, 12:49pm
. . been away overseas and my Gai-Lan has now got white flowers. .
still be harvested oks. . ? ?
(ginger, garlic, oyster sauce)

uli, Jun 30, 8:30pm
Yep - no problems - as long as it is not woody yet.
Cut one and try it out.

fisher, Jul 1, 5:51am
Thanks... looks ok's... stalks about small finger thickness. . cut just above leaf nodes, so will grow again. .
(first time growing)...

uli, Jul 1, 8:11am
should be ok fisher - as long as the flowers are just opening and the stems are not woody you are good to go.

Bon appetit - and welcome back! :)

uli, Jul 2, 1:49am
Did you try them yet fisher?

fisher, Jul 2, 5:55am
na ... uli... . will prob do so over the weekend. .
Had about 4 cauli and 3 broccoli I had to pick when we got back so have been blanching, freezing and eating some of them. .
Even trimmed all the stalks and centres for stir fry... geesh it's so nice FRESH raw... Have pulled all the cauli out but left the broccoli long in the ground to see if I get any littlies... :}}

uli, Sep 24, 7:42am
Give them some horse manure or good compost and they will be away again after picking.
Even drape some frost cloth over to give them a bit more warmth.
Good luck!