Flash Nibbles for Party

macwood2, Jun 30, 5:30am
Looking for some super flash nibbles for a special party this weekend. Have my usuals but thought I would try for one or two new items. TIA

cookessentials, Jun 30, 5:33am
Have bumped the weddings/gatherings thread for you.

amazing_grace, Jun 30, 8:55am
hmm, Let me see. Here's my favourites... "Devils on Horseback" (prunes wrapped in bacon, fried), Prawns in filo on a stick, Labneh (yoghurt cheese balls) and crackers, Cheese Sticks (equal amounts of cheese, flour and butter, + some cayenne, knead together, bake quickly), Melba Toasts with Pate (for toast, put slices of bread in toaster, take out slice in half through the width to make 2 slices of bread, one side is cooked from the toaster, cut into triangles put the uncooked side under the grill) (for the pate, chicken livers fried in massive amounts of butter (250g or so), with a little onion and garlic. When pink, after about 5mins add thyme and salt and pepper, whizz in the blender while hot, set in the fridge).

amazing_grace, Sep 19, 8:54am
Chilli Prawns (easy). Buy packets of Pams frozen prawns, whack into frypan and sizzle on very hot, add sweet chilli sauce, let it smoke. Take it off! voila

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