Q about eggs....

seez1, Jun 30, 4:35am
ok so im just a learner at this cooking thing:
egg whites are for? (apart from pavs! ) like do they subsistute (sp? ) anything?
yolks are for making things more richer? is that right?
im wanting to do a cheesecake filling and wanting to add either whites or yolks to the CC what would you recommend?

seez1, Jun 30, 4:44am
... ...

deus701, Jun 30, 4:45am
For cheesecake, people add a meringue (beaten egg white) to make it lighter. . also to save cost as it gives more volume and you use less cheese.

cookessentials, Sep 18, 1:18pm
Eggs play an important role in baking. They add colour and help to emulsify and add texture to baked foods. The yolks allow fats to be dispersed which promotes thickening. Eggs bind your ingredients, helping to stop crumbling. As for egg whites, you already know that they can be used for meringues and pavlovas - the whites have foaming properties. Angelfood cake is another baked item that uses egg whites in it's recipe. Hope this helps.