Ageing Meat

lancslass, Jun 29, 9:27pm
Has anyone tried ageing meat at home? I bought a piece of Scotch Fillet yesterday, it looks very fresh so I would like to try to age it a little. Is this possible?

cookessentials, Jun 29, 10:00pm
As far as I know, they must be hung in refrigerated temp. You could ask your local butcher which would be the best method. Friends of ours have an old "Ice House" at their old home which is made of brick and curved. It has all the rails and hooks for hanging the meat and they used to drag huge blocks of ice into it with a hook to act as the fridge - it is amazing to see. I have an old food safe which is attached to our house with the metal rail and i would imagine that in the colder months, meat would have been hung here possible. i keep my preserves and pumpkins in mine.

pickles7, Jun 29, 10:56pm
Buy vacuum packed meat. I had a six week storage system in our restaurant, all our steaks except T bone, was kept in the cool-room for six weeks, at least, before slicing to use. The vacuum packed meat is already aged.

beaker59, Jun 30, 6:11am
I often do this with game and meat from the supermarket. Bigger the piece of meat the better but even a tray of cut rump steaks will improve in the fridge after a week or so. Same with your scotch fillet keep an eye on it if its starts to smell odd then eat it then.

pussy01, Jun 30, 8:47am
venison hung in a chiller for three weeks is just melt in your mouth... i reg get beef steaks from the super market and age in the fridge for a week no probs... . most meat is hot boned(boned just after being killed)and packaged so needs some aging

lancslass, Sep 19, 6:16pm
Many thanks for your suggestions, I have put the meat on the bottom shelf of the fridge and will leave for a week or two.