What to do with my giant parsley plant?

kitty1983, Jun 29, 3:20pm
it's reaching Little Shop of Horrors proportions and i've hardly made a dent in it.
i'm going to make up some tabouleh and some parsley pesto and maybe dry some in the oven for later use, but that's really all that springs to mind. any favourite parsley recipes?

cookessentials, Jun 29, 7:06pm
You can freeze it, although it will only be good for soups and stews once thawed.

katalin2, Jun 29, 8:07pm
Parsley pesto freezes well- I freeze it in the little containers commercial dips come in. If you don't have nuts for the pesto can use pumpkin seeds which are a lot cheaper and still tastes good. I also use heaps of chopped parsley in home made winter soups.

red2, Jun 30, 2:25am
I chop it and sprinkle it over most of meals - adds great flavour and nutrients too. Really good with heaps of it through pasta

nattles88, Jun 30, 2:34am
i had the same problem once, i made pretty much spinach and fetta filo parcels but instead of spinach i just used all the parsley and it tasted really yummy

indy95, Jun 30, 4:23am
This soup may sound a little odd but is in fact delicious. I haven't been exact about quantities as you can use more or less of everything according to what you have available.

Cream of Parsley Soup

Butter or oil
2 large bunches parsley, roughly chopped ( i. e. a whole lot )
2 onions, chopped
Celery, leeks, zucchini, lettuce, spinach, silverbeet or ? , chopped
1 - 2 T flour
Chicken stock
Salt and pepper

Heat butter or oil in a large pan, add parsley and onion and cook for several minutes until softened, then add other veges and cook for another 5 mins or so. Sprinkle over flour and stir through cook another few minutes.

Pour in the stock and bring to the boil, then simmer, covered, for about 20 to 25 mins. Season well then puree in a processor.

When needed reheat and add some cream, check seasoning. Serve with extra cream swirled in if you want and chopped fresh parsley on top.

This freezes well.

kitty1983, Jun 30, 4:32am
ooooh i gonna try that tonight! :)

lilyfield, Jun 30, 4:33am
sell it to your local green grocer

beaumonde, Jun 30, 10:44am
parsley pesto

40 g flatleaf parsley leaves (no stalks)
2 garlic cloves, crushed
45g freshly grated parmesan
30gpine nuts, a few walnuts too if you like them
75ml extra virgin olive oil/ avaocado oil is good too, though notsure if it keeps well, I make this pesto to go with taggiatelle so use it all at once, nice on toast too!
Freshly cracked pepper
Put all the ingredients but the oil and salt into a foodprocessor. pules for a second or two, add the oil and a little salt. Taste and season.

elliehen, Jun 30, 11:08am
Leave your giant parent parsley plant in the ground and let it seed and you'll have dozens of tender little new baby parsley seedlings all around it... ... only then pull it out and compost it :)

Parsley (stalks and all) will keep for about six weeks in a screw top jar in the fridge - dry, with no water.

masamune255, Jun 30, 12:12pm
See if you know anyone else who has excess produce/herbs of some description and trade!

bisloy, Jul 1, 1:40am
Chop it and freeze it in a bag. Whenever you want some, scrunch it up and take out what you need. It breaks up in the bag too so self-chops!

poce, Jul 1, 8:00pm
lol . . will try it.

I have parsley tea, place in very very low oven to dry.

horizons_, 4 days, 21 hours

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