vintagekitty, Jun 29, 6:08am
I know there has been heaps of threads re making these, but I had one today and it was a wee ball of chocolate bliss! . It had wee bits of what looked and tasted like cherry? , and raisins? , Does this ring a bell to anyone, I esp loved the cherry flavour. Has anyone made these and what did you use?

cookessentials, Jun 29, 7:45am
Like a Black forest type?

alebix, Jun 29, 11:12am
Maybe they blitzed up black forest tim tams? Added some type of cherry liquer?

vintagekitty, Jun 30, 6:04am
mmm, we have been debating this at work today! , I might try making them with the tim tams, if I was going to try making them with black forest choc, would I just grate it?

lyndakay, Jun 30, 7:32am
Today I made Truffles using 2 pkts Coc Mint Slices munched up in the kitchen whizz with 125g cream cheese mixed thru. Rolled into balls, covered with Choc Hail, chilled... ... divine! ! Everyone at work loved them. Try the same with Black Forest Tim Tams perhaps... ... . .

beaumonde, Sep 19, 11:44am
Easy Chocolate fruit truffles

250g icing sugar
5 Tbsp cocoa
125 g butter
1 Tbsp Brandy or Cherry liqueur (optional)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup cherries, sultanas and nuts mixed
Coconut for coating

Get those latex gloves on, to keep your hands clean
Sift icing sugar and cocoa.
Cream butter until soft then gradually beat in icing sugar and cocoa. Mix in vanilla, fruit and nuts.

Roll into 2cm balls then coat with coconut.
Store in the fridge.
Send some down to Me

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